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I would like to share how to make food using healthy ingredients without using too much sugar. Avoid ingredients that cause adult diseases such as flour, sugar, and fat as much as possible, and make food using healthy vegetables, fruits, and natural seasonings

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Cake recipe


160g of strong flour
100g of sugar
Baking Powder 7g
One egg
Oil (sunflower oil, grape seed oil, olive oil available) 70 ml
100ml of milk


1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl at once.​

2. If you have chocolate, cut it into bite-size pieces and add some, and sprinkle some on top.​

3. Put it in the air fryer and turn it at 180 degrees for 25 minutes.

It’s so easy 🌝

1. Powerful flour 160 g
I just put it in, but if you don’t want it to stick together,
You can sift it^^​

2. Baking Powder 7g
Someone asked if I don’t need baking powder.You have to put it in. ^^

3. Add 100ml of milk~

4. Add 100g of non-refined sugar my love!

​5. Add one egg


6. Pour 70g of olive oil.
You need oil to make a cake that’s moist and soft like a castella^^

​7. If you’re done adding it, knead it so that it mixes well.

8.It’s optional from now on!
You can make it with the ingredients you have at home

● If you have cinnamon powder, 1T ☞ cinnamon cake
● If you have chocolate ☞ Chocolate cake
● If you have a banana, ☞ banana cake
● If you have walnuts ☞ Walnut cake
● If you have chestnuts ☞ Chestnut cake (cooked chestnuts)
● If you have whipped cream and strawberries ☞ Strawberry whipped cream cake

There is chocolate, so I’m going to make it into a chocolate cake.

9.I made a paper foil mold in a circular pan and poured it in!

General round pan No. 2
Size 18 cm × 4.5 cm

Mix the chocolate in half
I’m going to decorate the half pretty.

10. I’m finally going into the air fryer
180 degrees. 20 to 25 minutes
I did it for 25 minutes, but I think you can spin it for 20 minutes and check it again
It’s very moist and soft^^ Make it simple with the ingredients at home!