Online Marketing Training

If you are looking for online marketing training, you have probably already made up your mind on which one to choose. The options available include free training courses, flat-rate monthly fees, and video-led courses. Which option best suits your needs? Listed below are some of the best choices:


If you’re looking for free online marketing training, then you’ve come to the right place. Not only can you learn how to market your website using free tools, but you can also take advantage of paid training as well. One free option is the Google Adwords course. This course will teach you how to use keywords to target prospective clients. Then, you’ll pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Once you’ve mastered this skill, you can use it to improve your website’s performance.

You can also try taking the Online Marketing Crash Course. This thirty-day course promises to take you through the entire marketing process, no geek-speak required. The course will also teach you the basics of social media marketing for entrepreneurs. Internet Marketing Classroom, on the other hand, is more expensive than the others. It has more than 45 hours of content and 229 lectures. This course has a 4.5-star rating and boasts a large number of positive reviews.

Flat-rate monthly fee

Many employers will subsidize or reimburse you for your online marketing training. You don’t need expensive software to get started – digital marketing training can be done through your web browser. The minimum computer requirements are a fast internet connection, an i5-level processor, and 8 GB of RAM. Once you have completed the training, you can access the courses at home, when you’re ready. There are many great online marketing training courses available for free online.

Most programs offer a free trial, but if you really want to learn about digital marketing, you should invest in a course. The most effective courses will be hands-on, and will require you to devote at least 10 hours per week. You’ll have a personal career coach and technical mentor to help you succeed. Some programs even offer resume assistance and career services. The flat-rate monthly fee for online marketing training programs will cost about $399 a month.

Courses in a video-led format

An effective way to promote your online marketing training course is to use video content. Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, videos will garner more engagement and reach. You can also take advantage of live streaming for your courses. Facebook Live has gained over 2 billion views since its launch in 2016. You can expect to receive up to three times as many interactions and comments from viewers as you would with a regular video.


The cost of online marketing training varies depending on the type of course and the level of expertise you wish to develop. For example, a one-year course from Purdue University costs $2250 and includes all the courses, workbooks and exams. Moreover, it comes with lifetime access to Simplilearn content and a Purdue Alumni Association membership. The cost of an online marketing training program depends on what kind of skills you want to develop and what your budget is.

Some employers reimburse or subsidize these costs. You can access most online marketing training programs through a web browser. A good computer with a high-speed internet connection, i5 processor, and 8 GB of RAM is recommended. This way, you can learn from the comfort of your own home. Moreover, digital marketing courses are usually self-paced. This means that you can fit the lessons around your own schedule. For example, a course in digital marketing might last for a few hours or several months, depending on how quickly you learn the subject.

Educational requirements

There are several educational requirements for online marketing training programs. For the MBA program, students should have at least a bachelor’s degree in a business or marketing-related field. Applicants must also have at least one or two years of experience working in the marketing field. For online marketing courses, students must complete the course for a minimum of 10 hours per week. If you want to attend an online marketing training program, it is important to check what kind of experience the instructor has and whether the course will fit into your current schedule.

There are also specific programs available for marketing managers. These programs offer certification to marketing professionals. Students who complete this certificate program are prepared to enter a wide range of marketing roles, including sales management, advertising, promotion, and more. Some programs also require students to take internships or practical courses. A strategic marketing online degree focuses on developing and evaluating marketing plans, analyzing market position, competitive advantage, and writing extensive marketing strategies.